I report, shoot and edit videos.                                                    I design and produce interactive multimedia stories.

Growing up, I discovered filmmaking by picking up my dad's Handycam and shooting music videos with my little sister.  Since then, film has become my favorite way to learn about the world and connect with people.  I attended Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and developed a range of storytelling skills from video journalism to short documentary and creative concept pieces. My years as a student culminated with the production of “Beyond the Seal,” my first web documentary about a Fair Trade initiative for a group of small banana farmers in Ecuador.  I also completed a residency with La Nación in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I designed and produced their first-ever interactive, investigative story that went on to win the top prize in multimedia coverage for 2015 from the country's press association.  

My story themes range from local to global—I embrace any story with a strong human narrative. Outside of production, I enjoy mentoring aspiring media makers and supporting film outreach initiatives that connect audiences to stories and facilitate relevant conversations.  

At the moment I'm based at WBEZ public radio in Chicago,  where I'm helping to produce "Heat of the Moment," a new multimedia series about the humans living climate change.  Check out my résumé here.